We’ve teamed up with Backyard-Hockey.com to offer you a great deal on the perfect liner for your 24’x40′ rink. This is a 6mil non-weave liner specifically designed for backyard rink use. This 32’x45′ liner is perfectly sized to allow the liner to drape over your end boards and provide your family with a durable, economical solution for your first backyard rink.

Because of the special relationship between Backyard-Hockey.com and EliteRinks.com, you can purchase the liner for $160 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. To purchase using a major credit card via Paypal, click the button below. Due to the volume of orders we receive and the fact that each liner is custom cut, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to get your liner.

Note: If you are using Backyard-Hockey.com’s instructions but your rink’s dimensions are anything other than 24’x40′, contact us for a custom quote. Make sure you let us know you’re a Backyard-Hockey.com reader.